1. Lifetime Homestead Market Value Exclusion for Surviving Spouses - Make the existing homestead market value exclusion for surviving spouses of a deceased Veteran permanent. Currently, the exclusion expires 8 years after the death of the Veteran. This change would allow the surviving spouse to receive the exclusion until they remarry, sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of the property.


2. Military Beneficiary’s Pay or Benefits Protections - Legislation to prohibit a party from entering or attempting to enter into an agreement with a military beneficiary that assigns the beneficiary’s pay or other benefits to another party in a manner that violates federal law. 

3. Support MDVA’s request for Asset Preservation funding - Support the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs’ request for funding to address critical repair projects at the 5 Minnesota State Veterans Homes and Minnesota State Veterans Cemeteries. 

4a. Free or Reduced Cost Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Licenses for Service-Connected Disabled Veterans - CTF supports a reduction in the threshold level of disability rating from the current 100% for Veterans to be eligible for free or discounted deer hunting, trapping, small game and lifetime fishing licenses. 

4b. Expansion of Veterans Courts Statewide - Provide for the creation/expansion of Veterans Courts (or related treatment and diversion programming) to all district courts in the state of Minnesota.